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Mobile Batching Plants M0.75 / M1 / M1.25 / M2 / M2.25

Wherever construction sites have to the supplied for any length of time with larger quantities of high-quality concrete, mobile mixing plants from Stetter provides special efficiency. It does not matter whether they are used for the construction of traffic routes, dams, landfills or airports, the M series plants have been designed to handle the task. They can be quickly moved, transported on low-bed semi-trailers and quickly set up again, thanks to the fully installed, pre-assembled compact units. The current development status of the M1 plant has benefitted from our experience with more than 500 mobile plants worldwide. The proven basic concept of mobility has improved.
The M1 is equipped with Pan mixer and M1.25/2/2.25 is with Twin shaft mixer. The output ranges from 56 cu.m to 100 cu.m per hour thus making it comparable with medium sized stationary plants.

Mixers from Schwing Stetter

Technology for the precise production of concrete

Pan mixer

Pan Mixer
Pan mixers allow you to produce quality concrete of all consistencies within a short mixing time and with low energy input, as they mix intensively due to short mixing paths both horizontally and vertically.
The spring mounted mixing arms are protected against wear by means of polyurethane sleeves. Instead of the standard mixing paddles made of special chilled casting you can also use, if desired, our mixers with paddles made of a synthetic material that have an especially long tool life.

The mixing trough is lined with replaceable inner wall, outer wall and floor wearing plates. You can lay out the mixer floor wearing plates. You can lay out the mixer floor with regular wearing plates made of special steel or special chilled cast tiles. You can turn over the wall wearing plates.

The cover of the mixer can be opened up to 50% during cleaning and maintenance work. The mixer can be emptied simply via the slide or trapdoor.

Twin shaft mixer

Twin Shaft Mixer
Excellent mixing with short mixing and discharging times, a wide range of applications as well as low wear: these are the characteristics of Stetter's twin shaft mixers in a compact design.
The high performance mixing plant from Stetter achieves an intensive agitation of the mixture, and thus a fast homogeneity of the mixture. The mixing arms, made of high-quality cast steel, have a helical arrangement.

The design features a large overlapping of tools and a low fill factor which has a positive effect on the mixing result. Wear-resistant cast material having a high degree of hardness and toughness are used for the trough lining.

Additive weigher

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On request, we will equip our mixers with a two-chamber additive weigher. The additives are discharged via discharge pumps that are automatically rinsed. The additives are distributed over the entire mixture via a set of nozzles.

Water weigher

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The dosing of the mixing water is achieved fully automatically by means of a patented weighing, pump and nozzle system. The water system is designed so that you can use fresh water, recycled water or hot water without difficulty. After weighing, a special pressure water pump delivers the mixing water into the mixer.

Ice weigher

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The ice weigher is used for the weighing of flake ice. At the bottom the side walls are slightly sloped outwards which ensures the complete discharge of the container.

Versatile application options

The Stetter mobile plants allow you to mix anything whether it is dry concrete, ready mix concrete of all consistencies, hydraulically bound bases, recycled material, mortar or self-leveling floor screed.
Stetter batching plants can be used anywhere in the world. Whether it is in the arctic cold, tropical humidity or extreme heat, the Stetter batching plants can be perfectly equipped for every climate zone, and have been proven reliable everywhere.
M1 Batching plant with Compartment bins with loader feeding option
M1 Batching plant with Compartment bins with loader feeding option
M1 Batching plant with compartment bins with Conveyor feeding option
M1 Batching plant with compartment bins with Conveyor feeding option
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18 year old M1 Batching plant working on site

Aggregate Storage

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The In-line silo version is used for large quantities or if more than four kinds of aggregates are used. The weighing takes place on a weighing belt which forwards the aggregates to the feeder skip.
Compartment version is compact and is suitable for four types of aggregates. The aggregate can be fed either through ramp and loader arrangement or through the aggregate feeding conveyor.

Easy assembly for better efficiency

The plant is delivered to the construction site on a semi-trailer. Only a mobile crane is required for the erection. Due to the fully installed, pre-assembled compact units, only eight days are usually required until being put into operation. The following applies to the disassembly and reassembly: the plant can be used again after one week if appropriate preparatory work has been performed.

The plant is assembled as fast as it is shipped. After surveying, the plant is placed and aligned, with the help of a crane, on a leveled compacted flat ground without foundations.
The plant components with hinged joints are set up with a crane, positioned and mounted without requiring any welding. The pivoted upper part is then brought into the final position. The support of the upper part is firmly attached to the foundation platform with locking bolts.

The lateral ramp walls for the ramp drive together with the compartment batcher now make up one unit. They only need to be filled with sand and gravel and compacted to complete the drive-up ramp. The winter-proof housing (optional) can be assembled in a single day.

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